The Cost of Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is Sunday May 11th. Many people are heading out to get those gifts for mom before its too late. But while some people are out shopping others are behind doors getting those special gifts ready.

However, for the Home Style Bakery, the cost of making Mother's Day cakes this year is increasing due to the high cost of flour. Its a cost that they don't want to pass onto the consumer, but eventually have to. The Bakery says they raised prices almost 20 percent.

There is hope that the flour crop this year will help to stabilize the price, however it won't bring the price of flour down. And bakeries aren't the only ones feeling the pinch of high gas prices.

The Cost of flower deliveries to local shops has increased almost ten percent. Several florists 11 News spoke with said they haven't had to raise prices yet, but next year could be a different story. Many florists are trying to absorb the extras cost by spending less money on deliveries.

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