Report: US Lacks Plan to Counter Terrorist Messages

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Capitol Hill (AP) A congressional report says the U.S. Needs to develop a communications plan to counter radical Islamic messages on the internet.

The report from the senate Homeland Security and governmental affairs committee concludes the internet's easy access makes it possible for Al-Qaida and terrorist sympathizers to spread their beliefs and recruit new followers.

Committee chairman Joe Lieberman says Al-Qaida is better at communicating its message to Americans than the U.S. Government has been. He says that means people can become radicalized at home, without leaving the country or going to a terrorist training camp.

Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins says shutting down the sites isn't the best option. She cites first amendment issues and what she calls the “whack-a-mole” effect: if one site is shut down, another pops up almost instantly.

The ACLU is among groups criticizing the senate report for trying to regulate beliefs.