5th Annual Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials

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"10 years ago I got my pilots license and this is a lot harder." Sandy Bliss used to prefer feline friends. Bliss says, "Anyone who knew me knew i was a cat person."
Now she is into her twelfth competition with her dog Skye. Skye is now three years old and is getting better and better at running sheep. Bliss says it goes beyond the competition, its about making friends and loving your dog.

The Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials are now into its fifth year. organizers say it takes the whole community working together to make this happen. The event also takes place with first bank's customer appreciation lunch and the community wide garage sale,but in the end it's all about the dogs.

Handlers send their dogs out to start the initial push of sheep toward them, the dogs then have to maneuver the group of sheep through a fence around a cone and into the corral.

The event continues through Sunday. Catching the collies in action is not the only thing you can do in Hotchkiss; there is a wagon exhibit, art competition and sheep sheering exhibition.

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