UN Says Most Victims Without Relief, Others Accuse Myanmar Regime Of Stealing Aid

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Brussels, Belgium (AP) European Union officials meet in Brussels today to consider all diplomatic means to get Myanmar's military leaders to let in more emergency aid to cyclone victims.

The meeting comes amid reports that the military leaders have hoarded international relief supplies and are releasing only rotting goods to cyclone survivors.

The U.N. Says only a tiny portion of international aid is reaching victims.

Richard Horsey, the spokesman for the U.N. humanitarian operation in Bangkok, Thailand, says it's frustrating that the pace of the aid remains sluggish 10 days after the storm.

The cyclone devastated Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta on may 3, leaving about 62,000 people dead or missing according to the government count.

The U.N. Has suggested the death toll is likely to be more than 100,000.