Crash Victims Family Mourns Loss, Hopes for Baby

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26-year-old Jenny Trover was killed Monday when someone driving the wrong way on Interstate 70 slammed into her car. Trover died immediately, but her five-month-old son Alexander survived and is currently in fair condition at St. Mary’s Hospital.

The doctor's say he's suffering from multiple skull fractures, a condition that can be compared to Shaken Baby Syndrome because of the impact of the crash. Trover’s mother Mary Louise Noose says, "it's a miracle he survived, but part of that was because of Jenny’s love."

Noose says she can't describe it, but her intuition tells her that Jenny is still looking over her five month old son and her 8-year-old daughter. The same intuition that told her the bad accident she heard about involved her daughter, so Noose went down to I-70 only to have her worst fear realized, "I could see her tires torn, I could see what she was pinned behind."

William Trover says of his bride-to-be, "I just want her to know she'll always be in my heart and on my mind." Family and friends say Trover loved being outside, collecting dolls, and fishing. They say she loved kids so much she was a bus driver, who one day hoped to be a truck driver. This is unfortunately a goal that will never be accomplished.

A viewing for Trover is Tuesday, May 20, at Callahan Edfast Mortuary from Noon to 7:00 P.M. Her memorial service is the following Saturday, 2:00 P.M., at the LDS church in Fruita.

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