Local Family Experiences Tense Moments While Waiting for News

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China's 7.9 earthquake near Chengdu caused massive amounts of damage and sent shock waves hundreds of miles away. One family here is Grand Junction didn't feel the shock waves but were touched just the same.

The Carlo family received a phone call early Monday morning asking them if they had heard any news about the quake in China. Adrienne Carlo's sister live in Chengdu, a city just 40 miles from the epicenter. However, Carlo's parents were in the city visiting their daughter at the same time of the earthquake.

Adrienne says her heart dropped in her chest while she waited to hear word from her parents and sister. Luckily her husband who jumped on the Internet to check for more news received an email from Adrienne's sister saying the family was OK.

Carlo's parents and sister described what they saw and told Carlo that their apartment complex still had running water and electricity. Chengdu is 14 hours ahead of Colorado, so by the time Carlo heard of the quake her family had returned home and recovered from their frightening experience.

Carlo says she is obviously relieved and is looking forward to her parents return from China after their vacation ends on the 23rd.