Gas Credit Cards Hope to Lure Customers to Their Brands

The sign at a Shell station in Beachwood, Ohio, shows the rising gasoline prices on Thursday, May 15, 2008. A gallon of diesel fuel at the station was selling for $4.11.9.(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)
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Gas prices keep rising. People keep looking for ways to save money on gas. Gas credit cards offer the consumer ways to save a small percent on the total purchase or a specified dollar amount on each gallon. But which is the best card? The answer depends on the habits of the consumer. Here are a few options that 11 News found around town:

Conoco/Phillips 66/76

-4 percent rebates on all gas purchases at store
-up to $50 a month in rebates
-1 percent on all other purchases, other stations not included
-no annual fee

Diamond Shamrock/Total/Valero - Preferred Gold Card
-$10 annual fee
-saves 2 cents on super, 1.5 on premium plus and 1 cent on unleaded along with 1 cent on diesel
-first 100 gallons get 10 cents off

Shell - Platinum Select Mastercard Citibank
-$20 annual fee, no fee first year
-5 percent rebate on all shell gas purchases, diesel excluded
-1 percent on all other purchases

Sinclair - Platinum Mastercard
-no annual fee
-5 percent on purchases at Sinclair
-1 percent all other purchases, other gas stations excluded
-$50 monthly limit
-after first two billing cycles rebates are limited to first $50 of purchase

-spend $50 of eligible purchases get 10 cents of gas purchases up to $75 with credit, unless bank approval, no limit with cash
-daily receive 3 cents off all gas purchases

City Market
-$100 on groceries in one month get 10 cents off up to 50 gallons of gas purchased
-daily 3 cents off gas

Each of these options does save you money. However, the amount depends on your spending and driving habits and of course with credit cards the savings are lost if you leave a large balance on the card.

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