Glade Park School Proposal Decision Expected Soon

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A school proposal for the town of Glade Park is in full swing right now, and is awaiting approval from School District 51.

A meeting took place Thursday night at the Glade Park Community Center to discuss the proposal submitted to the District 51 school system.

Glade Park is a rural town with only one store. But recently some families believe the town needs a school building for grades K through 2nd grade.

Reaction from the community is mixed about the new school. Some opponents of the plan were worried that their taxes would increase in order to fund the school. Other's worry there really is not much interest in the community.

Proponents of the plan argue Glade Park residents already pay taxes to District 51 schools, and if there were an increase it would only be a slight increase. Another concern is the bus trip from Glade Park to the Grand Valley. During the winter the trip is known to take over an hour. Many Glade Park children wake up at 5 o'clock to make their bus and do not get home until 4:30.

Jeff Kirtland with School District 51 says the school board is close to making a decision on the proposal. He says, "So the board is in a place now where they are expected to make a decision. They've been holding off on making that decision as they're gathering information."

The proposal is not on the next school board meeting. Kirtland says the proposal could end up on the following board agenda.

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