11 News Reporter Comes Close to Breaking Personal Best

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In an attempt to beat his personal best of 55 chicken wings in one sitting. KKCO TV 11 News Reporter Joe Gagnon attempted to eat sixty wings during the course of the 11 News morning show. Gagnon was able to down only 52.

“I feel like I just drank hot lamp oil,” said Gagnon as he reached the 39 wings eaten mark. Gagnon doesn't think the spicyness of the wings hampered his attempt.

"If anything, it had a positive effect. I could drink hot sauce through a straw."

Gagnon attempted to break his personal record in honor of the “Mike The Headless Chicken Festival,” held every year in Fruita, Co. The festival celebrates the life of a chicken, who after a botched beheading, continued to live for 18 months without most of its head. The festival starts Saturday.

After eating double the recommended dose of antacid, Gagnon says he is “feeling better”

According to the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the World Record in wing eating is 182 wings eaten in 30 minutes by Joey Chestnut.

Gagnon averaged about one wing a minute during the course of the program.

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