Search for Paige Birgfeld Continues Saturday

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It's been more than 11 months since Grand Junction woman Paige Birgfeld was first reported missing. Although she has not been found, friends and family of the mother of three say now, they're more determined than ever to find her.

It was a common sight last summer -- search teams scouring the Western Slope, working tirelessly to find Paige Birgfeld. Now, almost a year later, crews say that drive to find her is still there.

"She didn't disappear off the face of the earth, she's out there somewhere," said Connie Flukey, Head of the Abby & Jennifer Recovery Foundation. "Obviously we've all missed her."

Members of the Abby & Jennifer Foundation say now that the snow has melted, and that they've helped Frank Birgfeld sell his daughter's million dollar home, now is the time to start the search again.

"Seeing them have to leave their daughter's home -- Frank will not go home until he finds her," said Flukey. "So I am determined. I have passion. I will help this man get his life back."

The foundation is staging a massive search effort Saturday morning. Volunteers will meet at Canyon View Park at 9:30am. Organizers are asking volunteers to bring a sack lunch and a water bottle.

"Anyone is welcome to come," said Flukey. "I definitely know people still want to get involved and we would appreciate it."

Flukey says last time a search this big was organized was back in September. Then, she says, the focus was to find objects or clues that might lead to Paige's whereabouts. But as new tips, leads, and other hints have become available, that focus has changed.

"Now it's a totally different search," said Flukey. "We'll probably be expanding it past the yards where we went before and it will be a little more thorough."

New efforts that she hopes will lead them to Paige.

"I'm hoping we find her quick," said Flukey. "If we don't, I just pray to God that some way, somebody is led to her and this is all over for the family."

Family and friends of a Grand Junction woman missing for nearly 11 months are again combing several areas hoping to find her.

Paige Birgfeld's father, Frank Birgfeld, says now that the snow has melted finding the missing mother of three is again his top priority. He has sold her home and will be living in Grand Junction, both of which he says will give him more time to search.

The Jennifer and Abby Foundation also says it will resume search efforts for Paige Saturday morning. The group is asking volunteers to meet at Canyon View Park at 9:30am, and to bring a bag lunch and water.

The group says it plans on doing a more thorough search of areas they've checked before, and will look in new areas they think could be connected to Paige.

Frank Birgfeld tells 11 News he is searching with one other person in an undisclosed location today.

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