Former Teacher's Assistant Charged: Parents, Teachers, Community React

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Parents, teachers, and community members say they are disappointed over charges against a former School District 51 employee.

According to Grand Junction Police, Nefi Madrigal, 21, sent pornographic images of himself to a 14-year-old student via her cell phone..

The Grand Junction Police Department says Madrigal is accused of two felony counts: sexual assault on a child, and internet sexual exploitation of a child.

Parents say this is not the first time School District 51 has faced problems like this, this year.

They say the incidents raise concerns over their trust with schools and the care of their children, and makes them think twice about what they're leaving their children up to for eight hours a day.

But, they also say they realize things like this can happen if children are in school or out, and it reminds them to teach their children to always be wary.

A District 51 teacher we spoke with, who did not want to be identified, says incidents like these are a black eye for local schools, but that the greatest disappointment is what this does to the children involved.

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