Man Dragged by Jeep as Thief Tries to Steal It

A man is dragged by his own Jeep Saturday morning, as he tried to stop someone from stealing it.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office blood hound was on the scene trying to track the culprit.

Officials say around 5:30am, someone went into a garage in the 3500 block of G Road, opened the garage door, started the Jeep and tried to steal it.

The owner heard it, saw what was happening and grabbed onto the Jeep. He was dragged several feet before letting go.

The suspect then hit another Jeep in the driveway, bounced off that vehicle, hit a tree, went across the street, hit a fence, and rolled over. He then ran off.

Authorities believe the suspect is a teenager and say they do have some leads. If caught, the suspect could face charges of vehicle theft, vehicular assault, and eluding.

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