17 Nabbed in Sting Operation

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11-News was with law enforcement when a multi-agency sting was carried out over the weekend.

Local, state and federal officials had one mission Friday night, to stop underage drinking, and at one party located in the desert, that mission was accomplished. 13 teenagers were ticketed for underage drinking at one party and three more were ticketed in town. One adult was given a citation for supplying the alcohol.

Grant money paid for the officers over time, and Incident Commander Lt. Jim Fogg says of the effort, "it's not a vindictive thing or to see how many tickets we can write, it’s about telling kids we don't want you to drink."

The Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force still has more grant money to burn, they say more stings are to come. Since November the task force has issued 104 underage drinking tickets to minors.

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