Simulated Plane Crash

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It's the worst case scenario and Monday emergency response crews from all over the Grand Valley came together for a mock rescue.

The scene, an airplane has crash landed and dozens of wounded passengers are lying on the ground. Ted Balbier, Grand Junction Regional Airports Fire Chief says that "with the real thing, no one knows exactly how people will react but by planning and training that gives us the opportunity to work on things and make things better."

Today’s training exercise was to ensure that emergency response teams react smoothly in the event of a disaster. Things like on site incident management, triage, transporting victims, and security.

The 57 victims are kids from School District 51, also involved are area EMS, fire stations, and public safety. A mock hospital was also set up at Civil Air Patrol with people from both Community and St. Mary's hospitals.

The purpose of the exercise was so the airport could meet requirements of Homeland Security and the FAA, the other agencies say they jumped at the chance for training. It took one year to plan today’s two hour event.

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