Clifton Couple win $40,000 Jackpot

A couple of scratches turned renters into homeowners.

Anthony and Janet Appleton won the $40,000 top prize in the Colorado Lottery’s Animal Crossword scratch game on May 15th. Anthony Appleton purchased the winning ticket, but gave it to his wife to scratch off while he went to chat with a neighbor.

“I was three houses down and she started screaming, ‘Come here now!’” said Anthony Appleton. “She just started going crazy.”

The couple and their two teenage daughters have been renting since moving to Clifton from Arizona five years ago. In addition to purchasing a house somewhere in Clifton or Grand Junction, the family is also planning a trip to Disneyland.

“The money will definitely come in handy,” said Anthony Appleton.

The winning ticket was the largest prize the Appletons, who buy tickets daily, had ever won.