Quake deaths top 40,000

Zhang Xiaoyan, who is 34-years-old and 8 months pregnant, is pulled alive from an apartment that partially collapsed in Dujiangyan, southwestern China's Sichuan province, Wednesday, May 14, 2008. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
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Chengdu, China (AP) More staggering numbers from the earthquake in central China.

The confirmed death toll now tops 40,000. And China is struggling to find shelter for the five million people who've lost their homes.

Nearly 280,000 tents have been shipped to the area and 700,000 more ordered, with factories working triple shifts to meet demand.

Doctors from Japan, Germany and Italy are enroute to the disaster zone. A medical team from russia arrived today with a mobile hospital.

Searchers are again looking for bodies buried in the rubble. And they're still finding some survivors. One man was pulled from a wrecked hydropower plant where he'd been trapped for more than a week. His exact condition isn't known, but he was talking and was able to eat a little food.