Rise of Cost of Commodities Have Residents Looking for Alternatives

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The talk in Washington today was the rising cost of energy and how the cost of commodities are rising along with it. But some local Grand Valley residents are looking toward their backyards to find the answer.

With the price of food, including vegetables on the rise many people are deciding to grow their own, and finding its not as hard as it sounds.
At City Market: a cucumber costs .99 cents, Bell Peppers cost $1.49, four Hot House Tomatoes cost $3.99 and artichokes are $2.50 each.
To buy a small plant of any of those varieties costs $1.49. A larger plant, potted and bearing fruit runs around $8. Well fed and watered these plants will produce until the ground freezes.

Many novice gardeners are using planters to grow their gardens. Planters can be moved inside during harsh weather and in and out of sunlight as needed. Experts say the key to growing anything is to provide a good soil. Planting is usually done right after Mother's Day, however experts say before June 1st is acceptable for most plants.

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