Taking Measures to get Fruita Rec Center back on ballot

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A news conference planned for Wednesday morning is being headed up by Tom Dodd, a member of the Fruita Rec Center Committee. Dodd is going to announce that he has already filed complaints with the IRS and Secretary of State Mike Coffman against two local organizations.

Dodd says that the Lower Valley Seniors, a non profit group is guilty of contributing financially to Trinidad Silva's campaign. Myron Howitt of Lower Valley Seniors says that the group did verbally back Silva, also an active member of its board of directors, but didn't finance his campaign. Dodd says he can prove otherwise.

Dodd has also filed a complaint with the secretary of state against Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility citing discrepancies in its report of contributions and expenditures. Dodd says that the numbers are off by $15, but Joe Miller from the group says that Dodd doesn't have all the paperwork.

Dodd's ultimate goal is to convince the Fruita City Council to put the proposed Fruita Rec Center back on the ballot in November. The conference is Wednesday at 11 A.M. inside Aspen Street Coffee in Fruita.

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