Obama Claims Majority of Pledged Delegates

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Undated (AP) Barack Obama suffered another lopsided loss at the hands of Hillary Clinton yesterday in one of the two democratic primaries. But he still inched closer to winning the Democratic Party's nomination for president.

Clinton beat him by 35 points in Kentucky, but he won Oregon. At a rally in Iowa last night, Obama noted he's now won a majority of all the delegates at stake in this year's primaries and caucuses.

Obama campaigns today in Florida.

Democrats in Florida and Michigan are caught up in a party fight over their decisions to move their primaries up toward the front of the line last January in defiance of party rules. The quandary now is how to seat their delegations and avoid angering voters in the
general election.

Obama is not claiming victory, but he is looking beyond the race with Clinton. He told backers at a rally in Iowa last night, Democrats, Republicans and Independents are all “hungry for change.”