Death Toll Now Tops 41,000

Rescue workers stand near earthquake victims in Beichuan, in China's southwest Sichuan province Sunday May 18, 2008. China announced three days of national mourning for earthquake victims and ordered a suspension of the Olympic torch relay, as the search for survivors of the disaster grew bleak Sunday. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)
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Chengdu, China (AP) Nine days after the 7.9 earthquake that killed more than 41,000 people in Central China, the massive recovery effort has prompted Beijing to order some belt-tightening.

State agencies are being told to cut spending by 5 percent to support a 10-billion-dollar reconstruction fund.

There was a piece of good news today. A woman was pulled alive from a power plant where she'd been trapped by the quake.

As the recovery effort continues, more schools are reopening in the disaster zone, but rain and a shortage of tents are adding to the problem of sheltering the homeless.