Passengers Mixed On Checked Bag Charge

Airline passengers wait on line at the American Airlines Terminal at LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday, April 9, 2008. American Airlines canceled 850 flights Wednesday, more than one-third of its schedule, as it spent a second straight day inspecting the wiring on some of its jets. (AP Photo/Frances Roberts)
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New York (AP) Airline passengers say they don't like the idea of having to pay extra to check bags, but they sort of understand it.

American Airlines says, starting June 15th, it's going to charge passengers $15 to check a single piece of luggage.

On the one hand, Irv Scherman, visiting New York from Naperville, Illinois, says he's very unhappy at the notion. On the other, he says it won't stop him from coming to visit his son.

Passenger Bill Thompson of New York city says he'd prefer to see the airline get its $15 another way.

American says rising oil prices are adding nearly three billion dollars a year to its fuel bill. Besides charging more for bags and other services, the airline says it's going to slash capacity and retire at least 75 older, gas-guzzling planes. Thousands of workers
are likely to get layoff notices.