Tornadoes Rip Through Colorado, Kansas, California

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Windsor, Colo. (AP) Crews in Windsor, Colorado, are removing downed power lines and poles and using bulldozers to clear debris.

The town was hard hit by a large tornado that cut through northern part of the state Thursday.

At least one person was killed, a camper who tried to outrun the storm in his RV.

The Colorado twister also destroyed dozens of homes and flipped tractor-trailers and even freight rail cars. Several people were hurt.

The National Weather Service says the tornado touched down just before noon, moving along a 35-mile-long track toward Wyoming.

Pete Ambrose is a caretaker at a campground outside Greeley. He claims he hid in a cinderblock restroom. He says, “my house is gone. I lost my dog. I lost my cats. I lost my camper. I lost everything.”

Twisters were also reported Thursday in California, Wyoming and Kansas.