Soaring Death Toll In China

Zhang Jiachi, who lost both his arms after his school collapsed in Shifang following Monday's quake, receives medical treatment at a hospital in Deyang, Sichuan province, China, Thursday, May 15, 2008. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)
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Beichuan, China (AP) Chinese officials say the earthquake death toll in one province alone has climbed by nearly 14,000 in the past two days to more than 55,000.

The overall number of dead from the quake is put at more than 80,000.

China say rescue teams pulled more than 33,000 survivors out of the rubble from the may 12th earthquake. But no one has been found alive since Wednesday.

The search for the dead is giving way to the first steps of rebuilding in the disaster zone. In some towns, workers using heavy equipment are knocking down the only damaged buildings that were left standing. People wearing white protective suits sprayed
disinfectant in streets that are silent except for wandering dogs and cats.

A provincial official says the goal is to rebuild towns and infrastructure within three years.