Man Wanted out of Montrose Arrested on $1 Million Bond

A routine traffic stop leads to the arrest of man wanted on a $1 million warrant.

Francisco Bermudez– Ferrales, 25, was taken into custody after the car he was riding in got pulled over for having too many things hanging on the rear view mirror.

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies say when they asked for his name, he gave them a fake one and had several fake id's on him.

After learning his real name and running a background check, deputies learned that Bermudez had an outstanding, million dollar arrest warrant in Montrose County.

Montrose County officials say they can't release many details about the case, but tell 11 News Bermudez was wanted for a 1st degree kidnapping case back in 2004.

He is currently at the Mesa County Jail on a $1 million bond.

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