50 Years At GJ JUCO

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For some, JUCO is not only a yearly event, it's a 50-year long tradition.

This year's tournament director, Walt Bergman, says he has been coming to JUCO since it's inception.

Bergman's father was a coach for more than a decade, and Bergman himself has done everything from selling hot dogs to shagging fly balls.

Now as part of the JUCO committee, he can enjoy JUCO's tradition and success, two-fold.

Lauretta Macomber has also yet to miss a series.

She remembers the first years of JUCO, with just barely 50 fans and wooden bleachers behind home plate.

She says JUCO has changed a lot over the years, but she's still sticking to her own baseball superstitions, like attending and keeping score at every game, and waiting until the first two days of play are over to pick her favorite team for the year.

Both Bergman and Macomber agree JUCO has not only been a great Grand Junction tradition in the past, but one that continues to improve, year after year.

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