What Does a Million Dollars Buy in Grand Junction

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From ranch to contemporary, from a cool mill to a couple mil. Houses that sell for seven figures in the grand valley offer buyers many different things.
"We sell views here," says Beth Morris of Redlands Mesa Sales. Morris says it's usually the lots that sell first, but not this year.
"We've seen five homes move in a 45 day period of time."
Most of these homes carry a price tag of $1 million. A sign of how the real estate market in grand junction is fairing.
Linda Afman of Bray Real Estate says, "Grand Junction by and large is doing very well by today's economy."
With higher cost comes higher quality.
Afman says, "location is usually the key factor."
But a million in grand junction usually goes further than a million in other states.
Afman says, "they often say, 'oh, if this house were in California it would be twice as much money."
Afman says it's hard to predict what a home will sell for in five years, but she thinks home owners will see a yearly appreciation of around 4 percent.
There are 52 listings in mesa county for homes at a million dollars and up, to date 22 of those properties have been sold.

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