Diesel Costs Driving Up Prices

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Diesel fuel hit a new high Tuesday topping an average of $4.72 per gallon. Local businesses and truckers says diesel is driving up their costs.

Business is hopping at Long Haul Trucking. The company is moving out inventory as fast as it can, but owner David Long says it doesn't
mean that profits are up, and it's all thanks to diesel prices.

"They're terrible right now," said Long.

He's having to raise his prices.

"Diesel, next to buying a truck, is the second highest cost of doing business," said Long.

According to industry analysts, shipping costs nationwide have gone up 20 percent just in the last year. Local businesses say they're feeling the pinch.

"We have had to pass some of the cost onto consumers," said Roger Taylor, owner of Discount Lumber.

Taylor says he's seen lumber prices shoot up, but he's kept his prices "discount" because he uses rail. However, he says other goods he gets by truck are costing more and more.

"Profit margins in the single digits, we're just happy to be a small business, to be in business," said Taylor.

He says costs on things like metal roofing, trailors and landscaping timbers are up, which Greg Reimer needs to fix up his house.

"Everything you eat, use goes by truck it's just getting ridiculous," said Reimer, a customer at Discount Lumber.

And although it seems like a lose, lose, lose situation, David Long says maybe people won't take as many things for granted.

"A lot of people don't realize there isn't alot that moves without a truck."

Things could be worse, folks in West Palm Beach Florida are already paying more than five dollars a gallon for diesel.

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