A New Spyder Comes to Town

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Two in the front, one in the back, and a throaty v–twin engine. The Can-Am Spyder officially crawled its way into grand junction today.
"Colorado was one of the first 10 states where we introduced the Spyder in 2007," says Todd Matthews of Spyder.
Matthews says the two front wheel design provides features you won't find on a motorcycle.
"Most importantly stability... Spyder has traction control, vehicle stability control, abs, and power steering."
Not to mention a look that attracts attention. Todd Matthews says, "gas mileage is on everybody's mind. With Spyder you are going to getaround 35–40 mpg but again it depends on your right hand."

She Spyder has a 998 cc engine generating about 106 horse power, the Spyder will go from 0–60 in about 4 seconds. But even though you have three wheels, in Colorado you still need a motorcycle license to drive one.

Cliff Allen of All-Terrain Motorsports says it won't be until October before a model is on the sales floor but you can order one with a down payment. "Right now a guy can get one in a few months by generating a certificate," Says Allen.

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