Woman Says Man Ran in Front of Car, Tried to Fondle Her

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Boulder, Colo. (AP) Boulder police have arrested a man they say ran in front of a woman's car and tried to fondle her before choking her and running away after stripping naked.

Boulder police say 20-year-old Ryan Disselhorst also threw away the woman's cell phone when she told him she was going to call police.

Police say the woman was driving near an intersection when Disselhorst and another man were walking down the road and one of them ran in front of her car early Friday.

The woman says she stopped her car and asked the man if he wanted to get killed. She says that's when Disselhorst reached into her car and tried to grab her chest. The woman says she drew people's attention by honking her horn and screaming.

Police say Disselhorst then ran away after taking off his clothes. He is free on bail.