Officials: Teen Admitted to Having Sexual Contact with Dog

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The Animal Control Center in Delta is one place where people charged with crimes can do their useful public service. But it's what one man admitted to doing with a dog that the police department says goes way beyond "disservice".

"It's mortifying.. it's disgusting," said Jamie Head, Public Information Officer for the Delta Police Department.

Head says 18–year–old Jay B. Baker has had some run-ins with the law, but the latest allegations have even seasoned investigators shaking their heads in disbelief.

"We were shocked that something like this could happen in the program," Head told 11 News on Tuesday.

Baker worked at animal services from December through May, and just recently, admitted to his social worker that he had performed sexual acts with a female heeler mix, four or five times.

Investigators say Baker would do this while he was taking the dog for a walk and was unsupervised for a short time.

"My initial reaction was there is no way. He is so supervised and there is no way he had time to do anything inappropriate," said Head.

According to the police report, during one incident, the dog bit him on his private part. Police say once Baker's case worker reported the allegation he was kicked out of the public service program right away. The police department says it is reevaluating the program.

"We're looking at having public service workers only do cleaning and maintenance and not have interaction with the animals," said Head.

Although she says this incident is isolated, the police department is hoping something like this will never happen again.

Baker is facing misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty. He's being held on a $5,000 dollar bond in the Delta County Jail on separate charges for contempt of court.

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