As Construction Nears Completion Motorist get Anxious

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For one business on Riverside Parkway construction is part of life.
"The ironic thing is they shut down the parkway two days after the arena opened," says Sean Flynn of Glacier Ice Arena. But as construction nears completion the waiting game gets harder and harder.

Flynn says the construction sidetracks many of his patrons. "The funny thing is there is a lot of people out there that don't even know the building is here." Riverside Parkway Project manager Jim Shanks understands people are getting anxious.

"We've had questions and inquiries why can't we open up the piece in the vicinity of 25 road and frankly right now it wouldn't be safe for them," says Shanks.

Even though the Riverside Parkway road looks completed it still needs several layers of asphalt. The difference between the curb and the street is about three inches, and that is where the asphalt is going to lay over the top. Crews also need to put in signs and street lights as well. Shanks says, "we'll have it open as soon as we can and we just don't want to get anybody hurt."

Officials say paving from Broadway to 25 road with continue through this week depending on weather. The unofficial date for the Riverside Parkway Project, near 25 road, to open is July 18th, the contract deadline is in November. Officials say the project is 94 percent finished.

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