Local Woman Slices into Apple and finds a Nail

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While peeling off the skin of an apple, one local woman found more she bargained for, she sliced right into a nail buried in its center.

Dominicka Ramsay, a mother of five from Clifton, was slicing up an apple for her two-year-old son Octavious, only to find that this apple is full of more than just vitamins. She says she was getting ready to hand it to him and saw a silver thing, “at first I thought it was a hypodermic needle."

Now Ramsay is trying to figure out why an apple she brought from Wal-Mart had an inch and a half nail embedded in its core. Ramsay says Wal-Mart said that was a question for its apple supplier Rainier Fruit Company.

Suzanne Wolter Director of Marketing for Rainier Fruit Company says "when we have a complaint like this we take it very seriously."
Wolter says it does not pack the fruit, another company does, a company she was not able to identify during her conversation with 11-News, but she says in any case, "nails are not introduced at any point in the packing process of apples."

Wolter says that had Ramsay saved the original packaging of the bag of mixed fruit, it would make it easier to figure out when and where the nail entered the fruit, but the company says a liability doesn’t lie with them. Wolter says, "it wasn't packed by Rainier, so its not going to fall on Rainier."

Rainier Fruit Company says there are no plans to recall any of the fruit.

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