Monument Ridge Townhomes Fire

The Grand Junction Department is investigating a fire that broke out in Apartment C of the Monument Ridge Townhomes around 9:45 Tuesday night.

Grand Junction Fire Crews tells us that they’re considering the apartment C a total loss. They say no one was inside the apartment at the time and they're not sure what started it.

Crews tell us they were minutes away from breaking into other apartments, as they were worried the building would burst into flames, ruining all 6 apartments. But they say they were able to put it out just in the nick of time.

Crews on scene say the fire was put out after midnight after cutting a whole in the roof to ventilate the building.

Fire Crews say all residents have returned to their homes except for apartment D where there was heavy smoke damage and ventilation issues.

Investigators are calculating the amount of damage that was done.

We'll be giving you more information about this incident as it comes into our newsroom.

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