Former Palisade Police Officer Behind Bars

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A former Palisade police officer and foster parent is behind bars for sexual assault.

The suspect is Patrick Casey, 51.

According to the arrest affidavit, the abuse went on for more than ten years.

Casey was a person of trust, a foster parent and a former Palisade police officer.

One of the victims just came forward with the allegations after getting back in touch with her estranged mother.

The arrest affidavit says Casey sexually assaulted and abused the two victims repeatedly, for years.

It says Casey tried to convince the victims his requested actions were a part of a game.

But when they didn't want to play along, he yelled at them, hit them, and told them they'd only be fed bread and water if they didn't do as he told.

Casey is now being held in the Mesa County Jail.

He’s facing multiple counts of sexual assault: including 'on a child', 'with force', 'pattern of abuse', and 'by one in a position of trust'.

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