Texas Polygamist Group May Still Face Criminal Charges

Dresses worn by women in the polygamist sect are meant to show modesty and conformity.
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San Angelo, Texas (AP) The polygamist group in Texas that won its fight to get its children back may not be out of the legal woods.

A criminal investigation is still under way into allegations of sexual abuse at the yearning for Zion ranch. A local sheriff says flatly that “criminal problems” have been found at the group's compound.

The investigation is being conducted by state officials. There's no word how long it will take. Child-welfare officials had said 31 teenage girls at the ranch were pregnant or had had children, but nearly all proved to be adults.

DNA samples were taken while determining the parents of the 440 children who were seized and then returned under court order. But that evidence is off limits to criminal investigators unless child welfare investigators find wrongdoing, or law enforcement gets
court permission.