Local Store Finds Postcards, Pins from 1908 DNC in Denver

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The stage is set for the 2008 Democratic National Convention, which will be held later this summer in Denver. While this year's event has become the focus of many here in the state, one Grand Junction shop it's a past DNC in Denver that has recently caught its attention.

For Barbara Felix, collecting artifacts from the past is an everyday routine. She owns Antiques on the Avenue, an antique shop that gives dealers a place to showcase and sell their items.

On Friday, she says one of those dealers told her about some new items she had that didn't seem out of the ordinary.

"She came in with some new merchandise and she says here, I've got some Democratic National Convention postcards and some badges," said Felix.

But upon closer look, Felix says she couldn't believe what she was staring at.

"I said Janet, these are from July of 1908," said Felix. "She said yeah, Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention one hundred years ago."

In July of 1908, Denver became the second city west of the Mississippi to host the Democratic National Convention. That year, the Democratic ticket featured William Jennings Bryan for President and John W. Kern for Vice President, both of whom are pictured on several of the postcards Felix's store acquired.

"I thought wow, this is really cool," said Felix.

Felix says the postcards have given her an inside look at what the DNC looked like and how Coloradans felt about it one hundred years ago.

"One was the U.S. and it had the state of Colorado in yellow and it said this is the bright spot," said Felix. "One showed the building they held the convention in, then what was really cute was they had one of an old flatbed trailer with seats on it. It was an electric car that they drove around in Denver that brought the delegates to and from the hotels."

The collection also features several badges worn by the delegates and alternate delegates who got to attend. Felix says it's an interesting turn of events when you learn more about the political views of the vendor who currently owns them.

"She's a Republican through and through I believe," said Felix.

While she won't be attending this year's historic convention, Felix says these small pieces of history have made her feel like it's an experience she's already come to know.

"Antiquing is always a part of history and whenever we come across something that's affiliated with today, it's exciting," said Felix.

Felix says all of the items are on sale at her store, ranging from $15 to $85 in price. She says two of the postcards have already been sold.

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