Despite Warnings From Sheriff Folks Float the River

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is still warning of high water and cold temperatures on the Colorado River. Officials are urging folks to stay out of river because while the rising waters can be fun for experienced rafters, it can be very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Cody Schierman and his friends have always spent their summer days rafting on the Colorado River and says it's something they're not going to let a stern warning ruin.

"Just because the water isn't ideal doesn't mean were not going to go," Schierman said. Schierman said he and his friends have listened to the sheriff's repeated warnings but also feel that if they are prepared the rushing waters can't drown out the fun. But the group is recreating in a different way, "usually we use tubes but because of the conditions we decided to go with rafts." The group has a sturdy raft, a motor in case they get pushed towards brush, and of course, life jackets.

Shelly baier from Rim Rock Adventures says experience and preparedness are necessities right now. "A lot of times people will get a tube or a K–Mart raft and not wear a life jacket and that is dangerous," Baier said.

While warnings have been voiced, and the river continues to rise, Schierman and his friends say being prepared will keep their fun afloat.

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