Food Providing Program Worried About $5 Gas

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Gray Gourmet provides over 200 home delivered meals a day for senior citizens throughout Mesa County, but rising gas and food prices are putting the program in jeopardy.

Delivery is becoming a challenge due to the rising costs of gas for the volunteer drivers. Gray Gourmet depends on volunteer drivers to deliver the meals to awaiting homebound seniors. The program reimburses the drivers fifty and a half cents per mile. The program has met the challenge of 4 dollar a gallon gasoline without cutting any meals. They say while future gas prices are unpredictable, they hope they never have to think about not feeding those in need.

Sharon Meiklejohn is the project supervisor. She says, "We did make a rate increase recently in order to retain volunteers and to help recruit new volunteers because it's very hard on them to use their own vehicles and not get mileage reimbursement."

Gray Gourmet needs volunteer drivers. Sixty drivers a week are needed to fill the 12 routes taken each weekday. It takes most drivers an average of 2 hours to finish their route. Gray Gourmet says most of their drivers volunteer for one shift a week.

If you would like to volunteer you can call Gray Gourmet at 243-9844 or visit their office at 551 Chipeta Ave.