Mesa County Sheriff's Office Investigating Suspicious Death

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The Mesa County Sheriff's Office investigating a suspicious death
and say it's too early to say whether it's a suicide or homicide. 11-News spoke with a neighbor that tells us investigators referred to the incident as a "robbery/homicide".

Deputies were called out to a Whitewater home at 34999 Siminoe on a report of a robbery. When they got there they found one person dead. Authorities are being tight lipped about this on-going investigation.

A neighbor says when she looked out of her backyard this morning, the beautiful landscape was peppered with Sheriff's vehicles and an ambulance. She says that an investigator came to her house to ask the stay-at-home mother of two if she saw or heard anything suspicious. She says the investigator told her they were looking into a robbery and the homicide of the man that lives at the home on Siminoe Road. The woman says the investigator told her the victims wife left for work around 8 A.M. Tuesday morning, her husband was still alive, but she returned home around Noon for lunch and found her husband dead.

The Sheriff's Office says until it officially rules the death a homicide, it does not have any suspects. Witnesses do report that they saw officers scouring the remote area on ATVs.

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