Surging Water Rips Sewer Lines; More Flooding Feared

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Lake Delton, Wis. (AP) There are more concerns about flooding because of the severe storms that have drenched much of the Midwest. National Weather Service officials are urging people in unprotected flood plain areas along the Mississippi river to seek
higher ground.

In Wisconsin, water surging out of a reservoir after a dam collapsed has ripped away buried sewer lines. Raw sewage is pouring out of the pipes and heading downstream to the Wisconsin River. A contractor has started work to stretch a temporary sewer line
across the 200-yard breach.

In Southeastern Illinois, levee breaks have flooded miles of farm land along the Embarras River. A County sheriff says water is up to the roofs of some rural homes.

And in upstate New York, thunderstorms have knocked out power to 50,000 homes and businesses. The area and parts of neighboring states are under a tornado watch.