Will Clinton backers follow her to Obama?

AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
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Washington (AP) Hillary Clinton has thrown her support behind barack Obama, but it remains to be seen if her fervent backers will join her.

In bowing out of the race yesterday, Clinton not only congratulated Obama for his victory but praised his “grace” and “grit” in claiming the democratic nomination. And while acknowledging the disappointment of her legions, she urged them to follow her example.

She said too much is at stake in the fall campaign for her backers to sit it out.

But some boos mixed with the cheers, and some of those leaving her rally said Obama has yet to earn their support.

In a written statement, Obama declared himself “thrilled and honored” to have Clinton's backing. His campaign put a photo of clinton on its web site, and urged supporters to send her a message of thanks.