Red Cross: Myanmar dead may never be identified

Workers construct scaffolding for repair work around the Shwedagon Paya Buddhist temple in Yangon, Myanmar, Thursday, June 5, 2008. Like many other sights and attractions in Yangon and Myanmar, they bear the signs of damage from cyclone Nargis, which on May 2-3 left 78,000 people dead and another 56,000 missing, mostly in the country's southern Irrawaddy delta region.(AP Photo)
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Yangon, Myanmar (AP) Tens of thousands of people who died in last month's Myanmar cyclone may never be identified.

The Red Cross says that many have either decomposed so badly or been taken so far away from home that it's become an impossible task.

Many bodies are either still in the same place they were five weeks ago, or have been simply dumped into canals and unmarked mass gravesites. Graves with more than 10 bodies have been marked, but the number of dead bodies still being found in the waters of the Irrawaddy Delta is said to be overwhelming.

The Red Cross says just as disconcerting is the fact that many of the 2.4 million survivors are still without adequate food, water and shelter.