Scouts Called Heroes After Tornado Kills Four

Blencoe, Iowa (AP) The four boy scouts who died in an Iowa tornado Wednesday were all found near a collapsed stone chimney in A building that was leveled by the storm.

At least a dozen people remain hospitalized with everything from bruises to spinal and head injuries.

The twister ripped through a campsite where dozens of scouts and 25 staff members were taking part in a weeklong leadership training Camp.

The scouts are being praised as “real heroes” by Iowa Governor Chet Culver.

They had participated in an emergency drill just a day before the storm and sprang into action as soon as the twister passed. Some applied tourniquets and gauze to the injured. Others began digging their fallen comrades out of the chimney rubble.

Boy scout officials said the campers had heard the severe weather alerts but decided not to leave because a storm was on the way.

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