Victim's Wife Sheds Light on Husband's Murder

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We are learning more about a man gunned down and killed in his own home. 11-News sat down with the victim's wife today and has more on this murder investigation.

Miriam Helmick flips through her wedding album and remembers the happiest day of her life, and the most tragic. Last Tuesday Miriam came home for lunch to find her husband, 62-year-old Alan Helmick had been murdered in cold blood inside the secluded Whitewater home the two shared. Now with their 3rd wedding anniversary just one week away, she only wants one thing. Helmick says, "to find out who did it and what they possibly did it for."

She says that Alan was loved by all who knew him. He leaves behind three daughters, five grandchildren, and many friends. She thinks back, “everybody loved him, he knew so many people; people I didn't even know he knew." Now Miriam is wondering if one of these people could be her husband’s killer, and whether she is safe in her own home, "I don't want to leave because I’m closer to him here, but at the same time I keep things locked up and if I see something I call police."

But Alan’s murder wasn't the first time that fear struck the couple, in April they found their car on fire in front of his delta business. Delta police called it suspicious and no suspects were ever named. She says it was a shock, but Alan never mentioned anything about who would do something like that."
Miriam thinks the two may be connected, and she just hopes authorities figure it out so she doesn't have to spend the rest of her life in the midst of an unsolved murder.

Alan Helmick’s funeral is Tuesday morning at the First Baptist Church of Delta. The family is asking for donations to hospice in lieu of flowers.

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