Montrose Sheriffs and Police Struggle with High Gas Prices

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Gas prices are hitting the Montrose City Police and County Sheriff's office hard which may affect their patrols.

With the price of oil hitting another all time high Monday, it seems everyone not just the regular consumer is being affected. Montrose County Sheriffs and Montrose City Police are having to adjust the way they do business due to the rising costs of gas.

Montrose Police Chief Tom Chinn says, "Right now we're surviving but there will be a point where we will have to change how we conduct business." Changing business means police cruisers may remain parked. Chinn adds, "We may not be in our patrol cars as much or driving them as much if prices should continue to go up in the dramatic form over the last 6 months."

Montrose County including the Montrose Sheriffs Department is feeling the affects as well. Montrose County Commissioner Bill Patterson says, "We based our budget for this year on last years and projected the increase [of fuel], but the increase fuel is far more than what we estimated." Patterson says the county has seen an increase of almost 25 percent in fuel costs this year. He also says they have had to cut 5–10% of county projects.

Patterson says he hopes the fuel costs won't reach the point of no return. He says, "If it gets where fuel costs are so high that we cannot afford it then we have no choice but to cut back services and usually that means we have to cut the number of people that are employed."

For now the only sure fix for both the city and county may just to cut back on police patrols.

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