1st Street Construction has impact on local businesses

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Summer construction projects to upgrade the city's sewer and storm drains are still underway and right now it has many parts of 1st Street closed down.

For the next couple of weekends first street between north and grand avenue will be closed as crew tear apart the road to replace sewer and storm drains and several businesses on the street are being effected in different ways.

Alexis Skarda from Bicycle Outfitters on 1st Street says they are still busy on the weekends despite the major traffic delays.

"The construction isn't negatively affecting us where we're located at all in fact I'd say it's drawing attention to the area and so people are wondering what's going on and seeing bicycle outfitters,” said Skarda.

Not all business owners feel the same way owners of Fashion Junkie said they are worried about how much business they are losing out on during the back to school rush.

The work will have different parts of the road completely closed and most of the construction has been limited to the weekend, and during the week the road will be opened back up to a single lane in each direction.

The project is expected to be done by early September.

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