Mesa County Puts Spotlight on Adult Abuse

Mesa County officials say they are taking steps to shed light on a growing problem facing adults here in the Grand Valley.

The Mesa County Commissioners signed a proclaimation declaring June Adult Protection Awareness month.

The Mesa County Health Department says it receives an average of 33 reports of adult abuse per month, but that only 1 in 6 cases are actually called in.

Officials say by drawing attention to adult abuse, they can better educate the public to call in cases of abuse and help stop them all together.

"Abuse hurts at any age and the one thing we want to get out there is that it does exist here in Mesa County, our adults are abused and they are neglected," says Jennifer Sorenson, Adult Protection supervisor.

Officials say they will host an adult protection open houseJjune 24th and that citizens can always call the Adult Abuse Hotline at 248-2888.