CSP: Number of Speeding Tickets Issued Down

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According to the Colorado State Patrol the number of speeding tickets handed out this year compared to last year is down significantly.

Statewide speeding tickets given out by the Colorado State Patrol dropped 10 percent from last year. In Mesa County CSP wrote 16 percent fewer tickets this year from January to May than last year.
And while CSP says they can't explain the drop in tickets, a State Patrol spokesman says they believe it's because of the higher gas prices. Now a study by Edmund's.com suggests that slowing down your driving could save on fuel efficiency.

Gas prices are almost a dollar higher this year than last year. Prompting many travelers are leaving their RV's at home.
"Gas is expensive but do you stay home or do you continue life," says Jayne Hague. Hague says her husband vetoed taking their fifth wheel to their trip to Montana. "He said we couldn't take it cause its to much for gas."

Employees at the lot said it's common to see RV's being left behind this summer.

Statewide the Colorado State Patrol says they have seen a drop in automobiles and RV's on state highways. locally CSP says traffic has increased however accidents are down.

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