Grand Junction Man Wants to Thank Good Samaritan

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A Grand Junction man says a stranger may have saved his life when his mobile home caught fire on Wednesday morning.

It happened at the West Lake Mobile Home Park on Independent Avenue off of 25 1/2 Road.

Grand Junction Police are investigating the fire as arson because they say it was recklessly set but the homeowner says it was all an accident.

Johnnie Richards Jr. just paid for his mobile home two days agoand now he's looking at paying for repairs after it caught fire.

Just after 4am Wednesday Richards got a knock on his door.

"I answered the door and they said you're house is on fire so i jumped out," said Richards.

A person driving by saw the flames, woke him up and called 911.

"I ran and got my shorts ran outside saw the fire and dropped them. Then I remembered I had a fire extinguisher, so I got it out and gave the fire a blast," said Richards.

He says the fire extinguisher ran out but firefighters got there just time to put out the rest of the flames.

Investigators say they were sparked by the neighbors after they accidentally set a mattress on fire. The neighbors put the fire out and the mattress outside, but firefighters say it sparked back up and the flames jumped onto Richard's mobile home.

"I was a bit upset," said Richards.

He says he doesn't have anything to say about the neighbors except that he won't press charges. But he does have something to say to the good samaritan who may have saved his life:

"Thanks guys..thanks for doin that" said Richards.

Firefighters estimate the damage at $2,000. The homeowner says that the neighbors have agreed to pay for the repairs.

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