Woman Accused of Punching JetBlue Flight Attendant

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Denver (AP) A New York woman accused of punching a flight attendant in the face on a JetBlue airways flight is being held in Colorado.

Christina Elizabeth Szele, 35, of Woodside was advised Wednesday in U.S. District court of charges of assault and interference with flight attendants.

An affidavit prepared by FBI special agent Darryl Jelinek said Szele was on flight 643 Tuesday from New York to San Francisco when She yelled obscenities and racial epithets at a flight attendant who tried to stop her from smoking a cigarette.

Szele allegedly broke through flex cuffs that flight attendants used to restrain her and punched an attendant in the jaw, prompting the captain to divert the flight to Denver.

Authorities say Szele sid she had been drinking and doesn't remember the incident.

A detention hearing was scheduled for Monday.

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